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What We Offer


Discord Group

Our discord group is where the magic happens, once users upgrade they immediately have access to our fantastic group of like minded traders as well as our live options signals and many helpful resources



While 310.Trades started out on on discord, and it remains our favorite way to engage with our members we had to bring our members to Telegram as well. Telegram allows members to get twice the notifications making it even harder for them to miss a signal we post. Signals posted to the discord are also posted on Telegram automatically within a second. Because of this we urge members who join the discord to also join the Telegram.

SMS Messaging

To make it even harder for our users to miss a signal we have incorporated automated SMS messaging to users who would like it.


Live Options Signals

We at 310 Trades provide options signals with an extremely high win rate along with the stop loss we are using and our three profit targets for that individual trade. Trades are signaled Monday through Thursday. (We don’t signal trades on Fridays because they are often too volatile for our users).

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